Cam Spice proudly hosted a beautiful evening with the children & support team who are participating and representing Bangladesh at Street Children Cricket World Cup UK 2019 as a show of appreciation and support for the great work and cause.

The Street Children Cricket World Cup UK 2019 is a charity cricket tournament campaigning for the rights of protection of young children on the streets.

Teams from Bangladesh, India, Mauritius, Tanzania, Nepal, West Indies and the Democratic Republic of Congo are represented in the group heats before the finals take place at Lord’s Cricket Ground in London.

We would like to thank the UK charity organization “Freinds of Street Children Bangladesh“ “LEEDO” and it’s founder Forhad Hossain. The Cambridge Bangladeshi Cricket Team; Sylhet Royals Cambridge. The community of Cambridge who spent their evening with us and these children.

Thank you also to our Chef Mutahir Ali, who cooked beautiful food for all of us, and all the staff of Cam Spice.